She Makes CUSTOM Wine Glasses, And They Are SO Easy To Create At Home!

I will be so honest: if the wine is good, I could not care less what the glass looks like. I don’t have a wine rack or a display for any of my wine glasses…

But then I saw these and all of that changed! I need these in my life. They are easy, cute, and best of all you can easily turn them into really adorable gifts for birthdays or house-warming parties! There are only a few things to get started on this project, so pay attention!

Get some stemless wine glasses. The bigger the glasses, the more room for designs!

Some old nail polish – preferably in several different colors.

Paper plates (or something you don’t mind getting nail polish all over and throwing away later.)



Get your paper plate and drop out a good amount of the polishes that you want to dab onto your wine glasses. This is a good way to mix colors and see how they will look together. If you’re going to use different colors, try to keep them within the same brand. Sometimes different brands have different compositions that might not stick as well together.


Dab small dots onto the bottom of your wine glass with the Q-Tip. You can start with the darkest color and build it up with lighter colors in smaller and smaller dots until you have created a gradient. Layering the dots after they have dried will give the decoration more definition, but that’s based on your preference!


As you get close to the end, start to taper out the dots and space them out a bit more to get the look pictured here. If you have endless amounts of patience, you could do this design onto the entire glass…just be sure to leave about an inch at the top so that you never have to touch the dots with your lips.


These are cute in any color! Match a painting, coordinate your favorite colors into a display, or create simple additions to your seasonal decorations in just a few hours! I love these – and I know what to give out as gifts for the next few parties!


In order to keep the nail polish from flaking off, you might consider covering the dots in modge podge or a clear coat of nail polish. I recommend hand-washing these items (do NOT put them in the dishwasher!) and letting them air dry instead of rubbing them with a towel. If the dots start to come off, just replace them with more! Easy, cute, and may even make your wine taste better. Who knows!

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