She Made This Stunning Headboard…With A Piece Of Plywood And PAINT!

Do you have a headboard on your bed? You may have the standard one that came with your bedroom set, or like many of us, you might have a mattress on a base with only pillows to separate it from the wall. This next idea is so easy, it will take you one afternoon and only a couple of bucks to complete!

The first thing you’ll need is a large piece of plywood. She used a pattern and cut it out herself, but a rectangular shape can be just as chic! If you want a different shape, call around to woodcutters in your area, or ask your local hardware store if they can follow a pattern. Most places will do it for a small fee.8.18a24Next, she painted the entire board in a darker base color – this part is up to you – and chose a stencil that she loved! You can find similar stencils at your local craft store or after a quick google search online for vendors in your area! She ordered hers online and fell in love instantly! She painted the white designs over a light gray background.
8.18a25To cover up the edges of the plywood, she stapled an intricate woven rope along the edges, but this part is up to you! Leave the edges raw or attach a rope of your own. The possibilities are endless!8.18a26The finished product is unique and matches her bedding set perfectly!8.18a23It fits seamlessly into her decor and creates a “homey” feel…and it only took her a few hours and a bit of creativity!

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