She Made An Emergency Diaper Run On Christmas Eve…But What She Found Taped To The Diapers STUNNED Her!

Aman was a frazzled mom just trying to pick up a pack of diapers. It was Christmas Eve, and the stores were filled with last-minute shoppers. She stood in the line and just wanted to get back home to the toddler that needed the diapers. She didn’t think much of the paper stuck to the package – coupons got stuck to packaging all the time. When she finally got to the register, she was shocked that the paper was not actually a coupon…but a stick note!

1.14d2I had to make an emergency diaper run at Safeway on 12th St in Tacoma on Christmas Eve (yesterday). As I walked to the register, I felt what I thought was a coupon taped onto the plastic, turned over the package in my hand, and found this note with $20 taped underneath. It moved me to tears. On my way out of the store, I told the manager what happened, and he said I was about the fifth person to tell him so. Thank you, 12th St Tacoma Santa! Merry Christmas!”


When her story went VIRAL, she posted a follow-up to the initial story that she had sent in to a radio station. She wants the person to know that she appreciated it. During the holidays, our wallets take the hit fairly quickly, and a pack of diapers may not seem like much to others, but to families with young children, diapers are a huge chunk of the monthly budget.


For one week, she doesn’t have to worry about the money for diapers. This kindness from a stranger is the reason for the holidays. I’m going to remember this story for a while! What an incredible gesture of kindness in a stressful world!

I hope that the person who left these gifts for fellow parents was able to see that they were appreciated by more than just the person who received the random gift of kindness!

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