She Lost This Round On PURPOSE, But She Did It To Help War Veterans!

It isn’t often that people make wrong guesses on purpose during a round on Wheel of Fortune, but this particular episode aired with a contestant doing just that. The episode feature veterans, but it was clearly early on who the winner would be as one contestant continued to win each round. In a twist that no one saw coming, contestant Nura Fountano gave up the chance to rack up more cash during the final round…so that the other two veterans wouldn’t walk away empty handed! Nura gained the lead early on in the game and was already going to make it to the bonus round. Instead of making correct guesses and winning just a little bit more, she curiously began to make obviously wrong choices to give her opponents the chance to gain a little cash themselves. She chose ‘Z,’ as one, remained silent for two turns and let the timer run out before she could guess a letter, and chose ‘X’ as well.

She let the other contestants win and gain cash during the round. They were able to leave with $6,400, and $4,300!

Pat, the host, had obviously caught on to her scheme and asked why she called some “unusual” letters during the round.

That’s what I saw,” Nura said suspiciously.

It seems that the audience had caught on as well!

Well, she’s not under oath and there’s nothing I can do!” Pat said with a smile on his face.

Nura walked away with $13,970!

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