She Lost Her Wallet At A Large Outdoor Event And Didn’t Think She’d Ever See It Again…Until She Received This Letter In The Mail!

The panic of realizing that you have lost your wallet can be one of the worst kind out there! Whether you’re still in college or retired, the mess that comes with misplacing your cash, important cards, and receipts is a hassle that nobody ever wants to deal with. Instead of relaxing at home, you’re now scheduling to try and get a new driver’s license, cancel credit cards, monitor your bank account activities, and get all of your rewards cards issued…alright so that last one isn’t as dire, but the rest of it can be really stressful! For Taylor Sloan, her weekend was cut short when her wallet ended up on the ground. It could have been found by anyone and long gone…until she received this letter in the mail!


Dear Ms. Sloan,

My name is Nasim Lawrance and I am 10 years old.

I found your wallet on the ground at the Super Motocross event in Oakland.

I know how it feels to lose something and I wanted to make sure you got your wallet back.

Hopefully, I have made you smile and you are happy to have your money and ID back.

I am glad I found it instead of some bad person who would steal from you.

You look like a very nice person who does nice things for people so I wanted to do something nice for you.

Plus it’s the honest thing to do.




What a precious little soul! At just 10 years old, he knew exactly what the right thing to do was – he didn’t even take any of her cash. $10? What a tempting amount for a young boy to turn down! His parents must have taught him very well. He wrote a beautiful and thoughtful letter as well. I hope his parents gave him a nice reward for his awesome behavior! 

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