She Lost Her Memory After A Seizure And Fell BACK In Love With Her Boyfriend!

After suffering a seizure in early 2016, Jessica Sharman lost her memory. The 19-year-old from England had forgotten everyone in her life, including her parents.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy and became familiar with the temporary amnesia that followed a seizure. But this time was different. While commuting to work with her boyfriend, Richard Bisop, Jessica suffered a seizure. Richard held her up and rushed to get her help, but Jessica suffered severe memory loss despite his efforts.
I didn’t know what was going on. Momentary amnesia was normal for me after seizures. But an hour or so later I saw this woman running towards me I had no idea who she was. It was my mum, and I just stared at her blankly. My world fell apart that day. I was faced with strangers claiming to be family, telling me things about myself that meant nothing to me.”

She was only convinced of her family relations after being showed pictures taken with her parents, but she had forgotten everything. Richard was a complete stranger, but after seeing him try his very best to help her, she got to know him all over again.

They left me alone with him and I hated it,” she said. “He was a stranger to me. Rich took me to what was supposedly our favourite park but I wouldn’t even walk next to him. When he held my hand I pulled away. He was devastated and adamant we could get back what we had. Seeing how passionate he was convinced me that he must care for me, so I agreed to date him, but made no promises.”

While it isn’t the same, her new life includes her family as she focuses on creating new memories.

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