She Lost Her Baby To Miscarriage, But Decided To Turn Her Tragedy Into Something Beautiful To Help SAVE Premature Babies In Her Area!

Amy Anderson was devastated when she learned that her child had died in her womb. They had even already picked out a name! He would have been her third son, and she couldn’t help but feel that a part of her had died with him. She was crushed. At only 20 weeks along, no one expected her to start producing milk after the delivery! She tried to get help from her doctors as the pain was intense, but they only suggested binding her breasts and taking Sudafed to stop the natural process. Production of breast milk is largely based on a supply/demand relationship, but Amy couldn’t help but pump the milk out to reduce the pressure.


While searching for a solution, she realized that there was a high demand for donated breast milk as it can help save the lives of premature babies! She felt that this was something she could do to honor the loss of her own child while helping other mothers with theirs.

She began pumping regularly in order to donate the milk, and while it helped ease the pain in her body, it also helped to ease the pain in her soul. “I felt a powerful closeness to him,” she said, talking about breast pumping after the loss of her child.

She pumped for 8 months and donated a staggering 92 gallons of breast milk! She turned her indescribable pain into something beautiful. It turns out that her milk was also a blessing for the milk bank that was collecting her donations. The Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio used her milk specifically for high-needs babies because it was so wonderful.

Normally, a milk bank will combined 2 – 3 different donor milks before giving it out to babies in need, but Amy’s milk was an incredible blessing and has saved countless babies in over five surrounding states.

By dedicating her time and milk to these donation centers, she is honoring her son’s memory and the life that he could have had. She hopes that other mothers might consider doing something similar because it helped her so much during the healing process. I am so touched by this woman’s generosity, and hope that many women are inspired by her incredible efforts.

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