She Lost Half Of Her Body Weight By Using A TEASPOON!

Three years before she decided to change her life, Nathilde Brogerg was eating enough for two grown adults at each and every meal. It all came to a grinding halt when she was nearly kicked off of a roller coaster for being too heavy to ride it. The crowd stared, and she knew that something needed to change. She began to evaluate the choices that she was making everyday and decided to try something new.Instead of signing up for a program and going straight to the gym, she decided to take a different approach to portion control. Her determination to tackle a unique dieting strategy began with something we all have in the kitchen: a teaspoon.Simply by using a teaspoon to eat every meal forced her to approach each meal with a new outlook. It had to be eaten slower, which made her eat less as she was able to focus on what her body needed and not what she craved. Eventually, she was able to start going to the gym and even started a career as a model and personal trainer!

If someone told me three years ago that I would be a professional trainer and a model, I would have just laughed at them.”

All of her hard work left her with over a hundred pounds lost…but large amounts of sagging skin. But thanks to the Danish government, she was able to receive a $7,000 excess skin removal surgery, and she has finally become the woman she has always wanted to be!

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