She Lost A Leg To Save Her 8-Month-Old Baby After Falling 30 Feet Onto Asphalt! She Is Inspiring!

This mother is making headlines with her incredible sacrifice that saved the life of her 8-month-old son. Jennifer Duncan found herself in a fender bender on a busy bridge in Texas. She wanted to get out of the way of the traffic while exchanging insurance information with the other driver, so she went into the back seat of her car and unstrapped her baby, intending to bring him out of harm’s way while they waited for emergency services to arrive. She was heading towards a safe place to stand, but didn’t get far before another driver lost control of their car and smashed into the parked vehicles with such force that it nearly ended their lives.

The cars collided and hit Jennifer, sending her over the railing with her baby towards the asphalt below.

Her instincts took over and she tried her best to create a human-cocoon around her son. She took the 30-foot drop as bravely as anyone could, and because of her quick thinking, her son survived the terrifying drop with only a scratch.

Jennifer, on the other hand, suffered traumatic injuries. A shattered pelvis, multiple broken bones, internal injuries, and a severed leg. But she wouldn’t trade any of them – she is just relieved to have saved her son from harm.

She gave up 100% of her own safety in the attempt to protect her son. She has undergone many surgeries, and as complications rise, so do her hospital bills. The hospital estimates that the total cost of her recovery will surpass $1,000,000 after years of corrective surgeries and physical therapy. But if that is the cost of keeping her son alive, it will be a small price to pay knowing that he is safe and whole.

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Images via gofunme

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