She Lost 186 Pounds But Still Had An “Apron” Of Skin To Deal With. She Wants To Inspire Others.

Kayla Butcher may be only 24 years old, but this brave Canadian is determined to make a statement. From her striking pink hair to her bold clothing choices, she wants other women to be proud of their bodies and work hard for the changes they want to make…and that means that she doesn’t shy away from the camera. Posing in her underthings, this awesome woman is taking everyone on the weightloss journey they didn’t know they needed. People were in awe of her decision to share everything, and more and more people thank her for her candid photos because they show what weightloss truly looks like.

At the age of fourteen, she was diagnosed with depression and began eating food to cope. Her eating habits combined with an unstable environment at home led to uncontrollable weight gain.

People like to say I made the choice to be fat on my own [but] this was definitely not a choice of mine,” said Kayla, who insists stress at home contributed to her condition. “There were drug dependencies and addiction, as well as far too many issues between my parents that they did not keep from the kids.”

But at the young age of sixteen, she knew that she needed to get out. She moved to a new city, started college, and had a boyfriend…but she was hindered by her weight. She couldn’t join sports, and her depression made it hard to study. When her boyfriend eventually left her, she failed two classes and lost her financial aid.

Faced with tough choices, she underwent a thirteen-month-long process to gain access to a bypass program in 2016. She took control of her life and never gave up.But while the gastric bypass was covered by insurance, removing the excess skin was not. In order to remove the 20+ pounds of excess skin, it would cost roughly $20,000. On her limited paychecks from her job, she just can’t afford it.

She started a fundraiser to have the skin removed…and her fans are pitching in! They’ve been with her during the journey and are excited to see where her next steps in life will take her!

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