She Looks Like A Normal Baby…Until She Opened Her Mouth. Unbelievable

Alyssa Bella Bailey, a cute and healthy baby girl, was born in Mercy Hospital in Branson, Missouri. Her mother Jaklina, along with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, was all smiles to see her for the first time. They were suddenly surprised, however, when baby Alyssa smiled back.

To everyone’s surprise, this adorable infant greeted them with two front teeth. The doctors immediately looked at it, and was shocked. One of them even said that with over 25 years of experience, it’s just the second time she has seen an occurrence. Soon after, they’ve declared that the shiny pair is called natal teeth.

Although some specialists have found that this is associated with medical conditions, Baby Alyssa is perfectly fine and healthy. Her teeth will grow just like the others. The only concern is the loose structure of natal teeth, and that the baby can choke on them. That’s why her mommy is paying close attention to it.

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