She Learned The Truth About The Tooth Fairy…When Dad Checked Her Pillow, He Laughed!

When his 8-year-old daughter lost another tooth, he decided to continue the tradition of the generous Tooth Fairy by leaving her a bit of change under her pillow. What he didn’t count on was that she had beaten him to it!

Once she had learned the truth that the Tooth Fairy was actually just her dad leaving cash under her pillow in exchange for her lost teeth, she wanted to “give back” somehow. Being 8, there weren’t too many treasures that she could leave for him, but a note and a cute little coin would have to do!The coin was stamped with a guardian angel and left in the plastic bag that she used to use for leaving her teeth under her pillow. Dad was completely taken by surprise. He had suspected that she knew about the Tooth Fairy but wasn’t sure, so he decided to leave one last gift for his little girl…

Her note proved it. In the middle of the night, he was taken by surprise to find the note and decided to share it online! Hey, at least she spelled everything mostly right. “Soming” isn’t a word, but it sure is cute.

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