She Kept Trying To Hide Her Face In A Restaurant. When He Realized Why, He Sent THIS To Her Table!

When life gets lonely, it can be hard to stay positive. Getting caught up in our own thoughts and emotions might be overwhelming at times, and when we’re dealing with something painful or difficult, we might find ourselves in a dark place. One man was trying to stay positive, but it was proving quite hard.

He found himself pondering his life one day, having lunch and passing time until he needed to return to work. And then he realized why one girl was acting very strangely.

I was sitting at the bar of a local restaurant, having lunch and taking a break from the daily grind. I sat there, thinking about how tough I had it lately and how I was sick of what I was doing. I own a landscape company and never felt I made a difference in people’s lives.

As I sat there, feeling sorry for myself, a pretty girl, who looked about 25, walked in and sat down in a booth, waiting for her friend. It didn’t take long before I saw she was trying to stay hidden away from other people’s gazes and my heart sank. You could see her hair was falling out and, at such a young age, she was receiving chemo.

I sat there watching her try to remain composed, and she was having a tough time of it. I ached for her, imagining what it must be like to go through this, yet I know some of her pain. You see, I buried my wife, the love of my life, just a few short years ago. I had watched her slowly fade away. I needed to get a message of hope to this girl but how? What could I do?

Then it hit me! I called over her waitress and explained that I wanted to buy the girl and her friend’s lunch, but I also told her, “You can’t tell her it was me; it has to remain anonymous.” I also handed her a note to give to the girl when she told her that her tab was paid.

The note read as follows:

“Someone today thought you were beautiful,
someone today thought your smile glowed with excitement,
someone today thought your eyes lit up the world,
someone today cared and wanted you to know this.
Enjoy the rest of your day, pretty young lady.”

About 15 minutes later, the young girl asked for her check, and I watched as she was told it was paid for. She asked why? Who? What for? The waitress simply handed her the note and informed her that the gentleman who did it had left, as to keep me anonymous.

I watched as she slowly read the note. Her eyes teared up, for only a moment, then came the smile! A huge, beautiful, hopeful smile! She lit up the room and sat up straight, not caring who saw her. Her friend also beamed, not for what was done, but because her friend was feeling beautiful again.

It’s not how we look or what we have, it’s not our houses or how many cars we have, nor is it how much money we can earn. No, it isn’t. You see it’s all about how much we care and what we do, even if it’s making someone feel pretty only for a moment.

Yes, lunch cost only a few dollars, but you see the wonderful part is, the magic was free. Make a difference today in just one life; it’s free.

He couldn’t help how his day was turning out…but he could help hers! He had the notion to brighten her lunch date, to make her feel beautiful, and to make her feel loved. This was a wonderful gesture!

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