She Just Wanted To Sell Girl Scout Cookies Outside Of This Store…And Gave Away 25 FREE Boxes Because Of One Generous Stranger!

When someone says “girl scout cookies,” most of us snap to attention pretty quickly. There is just something so perfect about those little cookies wrapped in foil and sold in a seemingly-smaller-every-year box that is too tempting to pass up. Buttery, creamy, chocolatey, minty, and perfection, these cookies have seen fit to wiggle their delicious way into our hearts…suspiciously right after pay day. Do they plan it? Probably. Is anyone complaining? No.

Shannon Lindsay’s daughter is a girl scout and was selling scrumptious cookies outside of her local Wal-Mart. She figured she might sell around 10 – 20 boxes in the few hours that she would be standing outside…but she never expected THIS!


This mystery man must also love these cookies! But instead of buying 25 boxes for himself…he bought them for complete strangers! Can you imagine the excitement these random strangers must have felt?! FREE cookies! What an awesome day.


They aren’t actively looking for the man, but they would like for him to see that he made more than just one little girl happy about her cookie sales that day. He brightened the day of over 25 people, and brought a smile to a lot of faces with his generous donation. He didn’t even take a box for himself! This is an awesome life goal to have. One day, I want to randomly buy $100 worth of yummy cookies and give them to strangers. If you know this guy, tell them that one happy little girl says “thanks!”

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