She Just Wanted To Pass The Time In A Long Line, But She Never Expected This Kid To Make Her DAY!

When you have a monotonous job, it becomes second-nature to look for ways to pass the time. People with desk jobs might play music while they do their paperwork, and taxi drivers might listen to talk shows between rides. Ringing up customer after customer in a cashier line can be so boring after a few hours, so talking to the customers can help the days seem just a little bit shorter than they really are! When this pregnant worker decided to chat with the child in her line, she couldn’t have come up with a more hilarious reaction!


Oh no! This is definitely a conversation that most people would NOT have started! Although its admittedly hilarious, it’s obvious that the boy’s mother was not ready talk about where babies came from! That must have been one uncomfortable car ride home. Hopefully he isn’t too curious and mom was able to reassure him that the lady at the store was not going to pop, and that she and her baby would be just fine! Hey, if it were me, I would distract him with his favorite toy and forget that the whole thing had never happened. In a few hours, the kid should, too!

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