She Invited Her Mother Out For Pancakes On a New Number…Mom Thought It Was A DATE With A Stranger!

Gracie got a new phone, but hadn’t gotten around to letting everyone know about her new number. Most people are understanding when getting a text from a random number and simply tell the stranger that they “have the wrong number”…but Gracie’s mom is not most people! When mom’s phone lit up with a new notification, all she saw was an invitation to eat free pancakes at IHOP – and that was NOT okay with this married mother of five! She wasn’t about to let the mystery person get away with such a terrible offer!Intsantly, Gracie was in awe of her mother’s loyalty to her family. Her mom was happily married and loved her life – she wasn’t about to jeopardize that for some free pancakes with a cheap date! Her mom also didn’t bother with being “polite.” This strong woman didn’t say “no thank you” to the stranger, she straight up told them that it was not okay.

Gracie shared the picture and people praised her mother for taking a stand against the imaginary homewrecker and shared her story thousands of times!

Dont’ worry, they still got pancakes in the end!

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