She Induced Labor So That Her Dying Husband Could Meet His Daughter!

Diane was pregnant with a little baby girl. It had been 9 months, and they family was ready to welcome their daughter, Savannah, into the world. Diane was also worried that she would be giving birth alone, and she was devastated.

Her husband, Mark, had beaten stage 3 colon cancer. But after the victory was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that stops the flow of oxygen to the brain, lungs, and other vital organs. The doctors gave him days to live, and he was hospitalized in the hopes of prolonging his life until the birth of his daughter.7.1a20

When the doctors induced labor, Mark was brought to the hospital room and allowed to stay throughout the birth. Finally, he was able to meet his new daughter on January 18th. He was in a lot of pain, but was able to spend time with his new daughter and the rest of his family before falling in to a coma just 2 days later.

On January 23rd, Diane notice that his vitals were dropping quickly. She quickly placed Savannah into his arms and held his hand until he stopped breathing. He was happy and able to know that his daughter had arrived safely into the world, and little Savannah will be able to know, one day, that she had met her father before he passed away.

Diana is grateful that her husband was able to see his daughter before he died, and she is glad that the hospital was able to accommodate the unusual circumstance.

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