She Ignored Her Husband and Daughter’s Hard Work When She Came Home. I Think She Just Accidentally Changed Their Lives!

Most people don’t know how hard a job is until they have to try and do it themselves. While this can apply to servers in a restaurant (“it can’t be that hard; they’re just writing down my order”) or the cashiers at the register (“all they do is scan the items”) to raising children (“all parents need to do is teach the kid not to throw a tantrum”). People who haven’t done it tend to generalize the duties and gloss over the difficult parts. This father-daughter duo learned the hard way just how much mom did around the house.

This story about a stay-at-home Mom hits much too close to home…

One evening she went to a PTA meeting and her husband and her oldest daughter got together and decided they would clean up the kitchen for her. They put up all the food, wiped all the counters, washed all the pots and put them away, put the dishes in the dishwasher and ran it. They swept and mopped the floors and then sat down, and awaited her arrival.

Two hours later she returned from the meeting, took off her coat, hung it up, walked through the kitchen into the den, grabbed the remote control, and began watching television. They followed her over to her chair and stood by her side. Finally she felt them looking over her shoulder and looked up at them and said, “What?”

Her husband said, “The kitchen.”

“The kitchen. What about the kitchen?”

“The kitchen. We cleaned up the kitchen. Didn’t you notice? It’s sparkling clean. We cleaned it for you. We even mopped the floors!” He exclaimed, exasperated.

The woman replied with a sigh and turned back to the television. “Yes, I noticed. Thankless job, isn’t it?”

You know, I will bet they said their thanks the next time she cleaned up after dinner or brought them their FOLDED laundry. It’s not easy to keep a house, and the stay-at-home parents don’t get nearly enough credit from the world…and sadly, sometimes their family will also overlook their hard work. Say “thanks!” It’ll make someone’s day 🙂

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