She Hosted A Tea Party…And Invited The Officer That Saved Her LIFE!

Free Oreo cookies were not why this officer sat down to tea with 3-year-old Bexley Norvell, neither was it the chance to sit on and impossibly small chair or the teacup that barely fit between two fingers. He was celebrating the day that a little girl lived to see another year after receiving an invitation to tea from her grateful family.

One year ago, Corporal Patick Ray was sent on a call to save a 22-month-old girl who was choking. When he arrived on the scene, she was choking on a coin and was unable to catch a steady breath. 8.1a12 8.1a13

His bodycam captured every heartbreaking moment, until finally, he was able to save her. Bexley’s mother was so thankful, in fact, that she remembered the date and the officer an entire year later. She wanted to do something memorable, and knew just the thing.

She hired Chelle Cates, a children’s and newborn photographer who had the perfect idea to capture the sweet reason behind the event. He accepted the invitation and arrived in full uniform, ready to take tea with the adorable munchkin.

Decked out in a tiara of flowers and a fluffy pink tutu, she was the picture of innocence. Her life seemed even more important throughout the afternoon, and parents everywhere are touched at the display. Having a child saved from the brink of death was a terrifying event, but Bexley’s family is eternally thankful to brave Corporal Ray, and these pictures prove it.

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