She Hired An Artist To Paint A Portrait Of Her Dog. The Result Is Seriously The Best Thing. EVER.

She wanted a portrait of her best friend, a Great Pyreneese, on a seascape background. She thought that having a professional portrait painted would be a fun idea and commissioned the piece from a local artist. The results were not what she was expecting…but the internet is in love with the final work of art!We have no idea if this is what the woman was expecting from the artist, or if the artist was asked to paint the portrait in this style, but there is no denying that this is glorious. The smug expression matches this dog. The fluffy white coat? Perfection. Those skeptical eyes? Amazing!

The picture was posted with very little context by the woman’s niece, but we hope that this is exactly what they wanted to hang in their living room. As many pointed out, it almost looks better if you use your finger to cover up the dog’s left eye…but there is just something about this picture that we love!

Would you enjoy a picture of your dog in this style? It’s just too precious.

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