She Hid The Ugly Pipes Of Her Sink With Fabric…And Didn’t Have To Sew A Thing!

If you live in an older home, you might have a pedestal sink in one (or all!) of your bathrooms. One blogger was all too familiar with this type of sink as she had one in her powder bathroom, the pipes clearly visible in the small area. Replacing the sink wasn’t an option, and having a custom cabinet built would cost too much. Instead, she decided to use fabric…and she didn’t need to sew it at all!

She picked up thick outdoor fabric in a color that she liked and began measuring. She measured the length from the edge of the sink to the floor, and the width of the sink to be sure she cut off exactly enough fabric.

She ironed everything flat and added an extra 4″ to the bottom to give it extra weight. This meant the skirt wouldn’t move with the gusts from an opening door or easily crumple when someone stood near it.11-18a15She glued on a white trim of grosgrain and used a tacky fabric glue to keep the pleats ironed in place. Then, she attached the entire thing to the underside of her sink using Velcro! The benefits to using thick outdoor fabric are worth every penny.11-18a16When water splashes from the sink, it will bead off instead of soaking through. The heavy fabric basically takes care of itself, but if a stain ever ends up showing, they can easily be taking off and tossed into the wash! This look also allows for extra storage where there wasn’t any before! You can see her full tutorial here!


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