She Hears Someone Making Fun Of Her Disabled Friend…And Writes A VIRAL Letter On Facebook!

There are many people that you may never meet in life just because they “look different.” This is especially common during school for most children. While in preschool, children tend to make friends with everyone, in elementary, middle, and high school, appearance can dictate who their friends are. What they look like, how they act, what they wear, and even how they speak can be the deciding factor in whether or not two people ever say ‘hi’ to one another. One girl is tired of the judgment that keeps people apart, and she decides that sharing this letter on Facebook is the fastest way to spread the word about her experiences!


…they have a heart just like you, they want to be accepted, and they want to have friends.”


Her post is going VIRAL and spreading across the internet like wildfire. She has a lot to say, and she does it so eloquently! This is a true passion for her, and she thinks it should not even be a question when it comes to being kind to people with special needs. Deep down, we aren’t all that different. Even if it’s just a quick “good morning” when passing them on the street, that one moment can brighten their whole day. Make it a point to extend kindness towards others, and we’ll make the world a better place…one smile at a time!

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