She Heard “Bird Noises” Coming From The Garden…It Wasn’t A Bird!

Sandi Z. was going about her day as normal. She opened the screen door to her “catio” (her patio, but fenced in for her cats!) when she heard a strange noise coming from behind her rose bushes. It sounded like a baby bird, but as she got closer, she realized that it was actually a little ball of fluff! The kitten was curled up and whimpering for help, and she couldn’t believe it.¬†The entire area is fenced in, but she supposes that a mother cat could have somehow squeezed beneath the fence from her neighbor’s yard. There wasn’t any sign of the mother cat, and Sandi wasn’t sure if mom was coming back. The kitten had been left in a spot that wasn’t very secluded, so she decided to take it in and help it as much as she could.

She dropped the tiny animal into a cardboard box to keep warm and rushed off to the store for supplies.She named him¬†Kieran von Fluffypaws and began to feed him kitten formula as he wouldn’t have been able to eat solid food. She took him to the veterinarian, who confirmed that the kitten was barely two weeks old. He hadn’t even begun to form teeth!

The kitten would need care around the clock, eating every two to three hours. Since Sandi had to work, she enlisted the help of a neighbor to take over the kitten’s care while she was away.It seemed like a sign. Sandi had only just recently said goodbye to one of her oldest cats, and finding Kieron in the bushes was too good to be true!

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