She Hated The Boring Look In Her Kitchen. One Roll Of Duct Tape Later, It Is Barely Recognizable!

The smallest change made a huge difference in this woman’s kitchen. She had a black stove and a white fridge…but no budget to purchase all new appliances. So, she started thinking. What was something easy, cheap, and quick that could make a big difference? After poking around other design blogs, she was introduced to the idea of using regular duct tape to create a new look. Best of all? There was NO measuring or planning involved!10-21a8She had a roll of black duct tape already and decided to try it out. Besides, what could it hurt?

She started at the top, pulling off large strips of tape and placing it onto the fridge carefully. She moved slowly to keep air bubbles from getting trapped underneath, but didn’t have to measure or space out the lines. They aren’t all even. They aren’t all perfect. But in the finished look, can you even tell? Giving the fridge an extra layer of design allowed her to take a hold of her kitchen and play on the black and white theme, adding colors that would have blended into the background before the change.10-21a9Whe extended the design along the section that was visible above the stove, but there was no reason to pull the fridge out of its space and place tape in places that no one could see. The goal of this makeover: keep it simple! Would you try this in your kitchen? You can find more details here!


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