She HATED Her Linoleum Bathroom Tiles And Decided To PAINT Them!

Purchasing stone tiles or installing wood flooring is just too far out of budget for most people looking to upgrade their home. One woman didn’t like the way the linoleum tiles looked in her bathroom. They were out of date, didn’t match the wall color or the counter tops, and just needed a splash of creativity! She started by sweeping, scrubbing, and cleaning her floors until there was no dirt or stray lint. Any little piece of dust might end up causing the paint to have trouble sticking.

She painted the first coat, focusing on the “grout” lines and trouble spots to make sure that every part was covered. Once it was dried, she added a second coat.9-23a4She purchased 12×12 stencils and marked the spaces with a light pencil mark. She was careful not to overlap any squares for fear of pulling up white paint that hadn’t been able to fully dry. She used painter’s tape to be sure that the stencils were secure without altering the existing paint. Once it was all dry, she finished the entire floor!9-23a5She finished it off with five coats of Polycrylic to seal the design and protect it from water damage of scuff marks, leaving hours between each coat to make sure everything was dry. After letting the entire masterpiece dry for a full 24 hours, she moved everything back into the bathroom. The finished design is beautiful, and the bathroom has been upgraded without the costly price tag of purchasing individual tiles.9-23a6Will you be painting your linoleum floors after seeing her success? See more details here!


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