She Has Spent $10,000 To Look Like Real-Life Disney Princesses…And Plans To Spend MORE!

Dressing like a princess is a little girl’s dream come true. Birthdays, holidays, and especially Halloween, any excuse to don the gown of their favorite princess and play pretend is welcome! Normally, girls are stuck with whatever their parents can purchase at a toy or costume shop…but for Sarah Ingle, that was never acceptable. She has always been infatuated by the Disney princesses, and she dressed the part.7.14a6

She loved all of them and never really had a favorite. She began creating and wearing costumes in her free time, but she wanted them to look real. As an adult, her full-time job as a marketing manager helped to fund her hobby and allowed her to create and commission high-quality costumes that are absolutely stunning.7.14a7

Wigs, skirts, bodices, accessories, colored lenses, and gowns, her collection grew steadily. Now, she has 17 realistic and impressive outfits and 16 wigs to allow her to become any princess she wants. Her skills as a seamstress are incredible, and the way she uses makeup transforms her into dozens of fairytale characters.7.14a8

Because her costumes are so fantastic, she now works with a small business called Princess Ever After Events on the weekends which allows her to share her costumes with adoring little fans! A real life princess coming to your birthday party is the BEST present for some kids! 7.14a9

She sings, she acts, and makes magical dreams come true! Now THAT is one impressive hobby!

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