She Hadn’t Seen Her Childhood Dog In Over A Decade…Suddenly, She Saw This Pup Across The Street!

Kate Griffin was out on a walk when she spotted a dog that reminded her of her childhood pet, Cami. The last time she’d seen the 4-year-old cockapoo pup, her family had been going through heartbreak, and the family had given her away. Even if it wasn’t the same dog, she couldn’t just walk on by without stopping to say hello to the adorable dog…little did she know, it was the very same dog!

While going through a divorce, Griffin’s parents knew that the best decision for the family’s dog was to find a new home for her. She was only four and had plenty of life left to live, but their new lifestyle just didn’t have room for a dog. It was heartbreaking for Griffin and her sisters, and they hadn’t seen the dog since then.

But when she asked the dog’s owner what her name was, she was stunned when the woman replied.

Her name is Cami. A family gave her away when the parents got divorced. She’s a sweetheart. She’s 15 years old.”

Griffin couldn’t hold back her tears.Griffin explained that she was a part of the family that had said goodbye to their dog. She was happy to see that Cami had lived a long, happy life with a new family. It was closure that she hadn’t known she needed, and her heartfelt reunion touched so many who had been through a similar situation.

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