She Had Two Choices: Accept A Donor Liver And Watch A Girl Die, Or Give It Up And Pray For Another.

Brenda Jones was 69 years old when she got the call that she would be receiving a donor liver. She had been waiting on the transplant list for over a year after her liver began to fail and was scared that she wouldn’t receive one in time. It was a bittersweet hope because she knew that the only way she could live is if someone else died. Still, she held onto the hope that someone would be able to give her the gift she needed, and on July 18, she heard the good news. A liver was on its way to the hospital, and she was the next in line.

But inside that same hospital, 23 year old Abigail Flores was fighting for her life as well. Her liver was failing and the doctors gave her just one day left to live and knew that she would rocket up to the top of the organ donor list…but not in time to save her life. They realized that the liver meant for Brenda was a perfect match for Abigail.

The doctors had a conversation that they never thought they would. They asked Brenda if she would remain on the waiting list in order to save Abigail’s life.

In my heart, I wouldn’t have been able to live with the liver if I had let this little girl die and I still had more time…I would have been a very selfish person.” Brenda explained.8.9a12

A few days later, Abigail was alive thanks to Brenda’s sacrifice, and Brenda received a new liver after reaching the top of the wait list again. These two women are alive today and will never forget the difficult decision made in that hospital room.

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