She Had NOWHERE To Turn…And Two Kids To Take Care Of! One Officer Couldn’t Let This One Go…

It’s human nature to help others when we see them struggling with something. We want them to succeed, and this is magnified when we feel that the person has been given an unfair shot in life. One woman was sitting in the police station with nowhere else to turn. She couldn’t leave the station because she didn’t have a place for her children to sleep. She couldn’t leave the area because they had school the next day and she didn’t want them to miss a day because of her situation. When officer Bussell caught wind of her struggles, he couldn’t just stand by and watch them suffer…he did something AMAZING about it!


…he contacted a hotel in Oxford and booked a hotel for 10 days out of his own pocket.”2.12a6

Now, many of us are probably not able to go out and purchase several days at a hotel. That can be extremely pricey…but officer Bussell didn’t care! He paid for as much as he could. Perhaps he knew what it was like to be down on your luck with nowhere else to turn. Maybe he knew what it felt like to have no family to turn to when times got hard. Whatever his motivation, his generosity has spread like wildfire and it’s obvious that his kindness is going VIRAL for a reason! What a sweet story!

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