She Had NO Idea That A BABY Was On Her Shopping List That Day! WOW!

Ashleigh was at her local super market in Canada when she had the strangest urge to go to the restroom. She had no idea what was happening, but quickly realized that she was actually in labor. It was a complete shock – she had no idea that she had been pregnant for the past nine months.

The assistant manager, Malcolm, entered the bathroom and Ashleigh screamed that she was having a baby – and it was already halfway out! There was another woman in the restroom trying to help. He called 911 and ran to fetch a doctor. The store was luckily attached to a medical clinic, and Malcolm was able to grab the attention of a doctor working that day. The newborn baby, Ezra, was perfectly healthy and breathing just fine despite his surprise arrival in the grocery store bathroom!

I want to thank everybody who has offered support, everyone who was giving us things. I especially want to thank Malcolm Comeau and the lady who helped me in the bathroom straight away. She was right there with me. Just everyone.” She wrote.

Ashleigh had recently had a baby just 10 months earlier and never realized that she was pregnant for a second time! The store donated a year’s worth of diapers to the family, and a local photographer reached out in order to capture their newborn’s unique arrival with a grocery-themed photo session.

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