She Had Months Left To Live, But She Turned It All Around By Starting A Sugar-Free Diet!

As science progresses, we get more in-depth studies on how our bodies process…well, everything. We’re discovering the remedies to everyday ailments, preventing diseases, and curing conditions that we never thought were reversible. Sometimes, the biggest difference can be made with the simplest solution.

Jessica Bean was told by her doctors that she didn’t have much time left on this Earth. She had suffered from cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that targets the lungs, pancreas, liver, and intestines by intense mucus buildup that often leads to respiratory distress and other infections. Jessica had dealt with a debilitating lung condition every since she was born, so she was no stranger to the dangers of the disorder.

At age 21, it became worse and she was hospitalized. With only 30% lung capacity, she wouldn’t live without a lung transplant, and there was no telling if she would get one in time.

She pushed her wedding forward to take place while Jessica was still in and out of the hospital. They were married, but their photographer’s wife changed her life forever. She introduced Jessica to a sugar-free lifestyle, and Jessica decided there was nothing left to lose.6.21a9

Because she fought to breathe everyday, Jessica’s condition required her to burn over 4,000 calories per day. In order to meet the high demands, she would eat candies and chocolates for their high calorie count.

She completely cut out sugar from her diet…and in weeks, she was healthy enough to be accepted into a drug trial that would save her life. She could breathe again, she could walk, and go on trips. It completely changed her life.

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