She Had Been Self-Conscious About A Large Scar On Her Leg Since She Was 8. Her Toddler Changed Her Mind.

Being able to accept ourselves is difficult. It is so easy to stand in front of a mirror and pick out the things that we hate about our bodies and wish we could change. The shape of our ears, the color of our eyes, it doesn’t matter what it is. We all have little things here and there that, if we could change, we would. But change to¬†what? To fit into society’s beauty standards? One mom came face to face with this reality when her toddler realized what was on her mother’s leg.

“When I was 8 years old, I spilled a pot of boiling water on my right thigh. It healed well, but there is a big scar on my leg from just above my knee to my hip.

Growing up, people usually stared or pointed. A few were very understanding, and a few were downright cruel. At 10 years old I heard ‘Your leg looks sick! That’s so gross! I had a nightmare that I had a scar like yours, and if you touched the person who had it, it jumped onto you! I’m SO GLAD I don’t have a scar like you!’

As an adult, I’m not ashamed of my scar. It’s a part of who I am, and a part of my story. Still, there is trepidation when someone notices it for the first time. How will they react? Will they treat me like a monster? Will they just ask what happened and then smile to let me know they empathize?

My two and a half year old daughter noticed my scar yesterday. She was tickling my knee, then looked at my thigh, then carefully touched the scar. Then, she looked me square in the eyes and said….
‘Mommy’s leg pretty.’ “

Because kids don’t care about what you look like. Kids only care about how kind you are, or that you love them and want to take them to the park. They don’t bother with appearances or beauty, and maybe we should take a page out of their book from time to time. Learning to love ourselves for the person we are is important – not the body that we have.

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