She Had An Engagement Photo Session…With Her Job Offer! “I Said YES!”

Let’s face it – getting a job nowadays is tough. Landing the job of your dreams? Nearly unheard of. So, when Benita Abraham was offered the perfect job, she wanted to share the good news with all of her friends and family…what better way to do that then a glorious photo shoot? Opening Facebook will flood your newsfeed with pictures of newlyweds, recent engagements, maternity photo sessions, and ‘she said yes!’ engagement posts. Benita wanted to share her good news with a photo session and she didn’t let the subject matter stop her from posting these adorable pictures. 8.9a7While other people are concentrating on “relationship goals,” Benita is focusing on career goals – because success takes a lot of hard work and dedication. She worked hard for this opportunity and wanted to celebrate it in the same way that her friends and family were celebrating other – equally important – life events.8.9a8It was a long journey, but it all worked out for the best in the end! Months or applications, phone calls, emails, and interviews resulted in Benita landing her dream job, and this awesome photo session was the perfect way to document such an important moment in her life.8.9a9She even made her own customized coffee cup! She’s looking ahead to her future, and we’ve got to admit that it looks very bright! 8.9a10This whole event is hilarious, inspiring, and making a lot of people want to do the same. Why not celebrate all of our accomplishments in life with an adorable photo shoot? These are the best.

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