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She Had A Smash Cake Photo Shoot For Her 10-Year-Old Basset Hound! She Smashed It. | HappyTango

She Had A Smash Cake Photo Shoot For Her 10-Year-Old Basset Hound! She Smashed It.

For a Basset hound, 10 years is a major accomplishment, and Magnolia May Blossom (“Maggie” for short!) was no exception! Maggie had lived through a lot, including having her little world turned upside-down when she turned 6.

Maggie had been living a happy life, but her previous owner grew seriously ill, and Maggie was re-homed. It was a stressful period of time, but she was adopted by a woman named Rachel who fell in love with the older dog immediately.As a dog photographer, she knew that she needed to make Maggie’s 10th birthday into a special occasion! She decided to honor Maggie’s name with a beautiful Magnolia backdrop along with a dog-friendly cake.She ordered it from Lucy’s BARKery, a specialty animal cake shop in Louisiana, meaning that Maggie could enjoy as much of it as she wanted without getting sick.Maggie had a blast eating her beautiful cake and made a huge mess!

While she may have a droopy face, she is still full of life and loves belly rubs! (And cake!)

More animal lovers are celebrating their pets’ big days with cakes and parties, honoring just as they would any of their friends or children. Would your order a specialty animal-friendly cake for your family pet?

This tasty treat made a huge mess…but made for even more adorable pictures!

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