She Hacked This Crazy Knot Pillow And It’s Simple To Make! EASY DIY!

These trendy pillows have quickly become a favorite in college dorm rooms, and having extra pillows to throw onto couches and bedding makes any room feel extra welcoming! The only problem? Sometimes, these decorative pillows can be too expensive for a simply decorating budget. While they may be available in a wide range of colors and styles, they also come with a rather hefty price tag.

So, when one crafter figured out how to make this fun pillows at home, she opened the door for the rest of us to copy!

You’ll need roughly 1/3 yard of a knit or stretchy fabric, pillow stuffing, an empty paper towel roll, and sewing supplies.

The first step is to create 2 strips of fabric that will be 5 inches wide and 1 yard long each. After sewing them along the sides, fill the fabric tube with pillow stuffing using the clever method shown below!Once the fabric tubes are stuffed with pillow stuffing, it’s time to make the knot! Secure the ends by tying the closed and follow the pattern for a Turk’s Head Knot.Once the knot has been tied, sew the ends together with needle and thread to keep them secured. As long as the fabric isn’t too stiff, these designs can be made with any color, pattern, or style! If you’ve got a favorite knot, try it out! This method will save you a lot of money on decor, and you’ll love cuddling up with these adorable throw pillows!

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