She Graduates From The Same College Where She Had Been Abandoned As A Newborn!

30 years ago, newborn Jillian Sobol was left in a box. Her mother was a 19-year-old sophomore at San Francisco State University who had concealed her pregnancy until the baby was born. She placed the newborn infant in a box in the laundry room, covered in old towels in an attempt to keep her warm. The mother left, sure that someone might find the infant in her absense.

Shortly after, the Jillian was discovered by a student putting his clothes in the dryer.

“Did you know there is a baby in a box in here?” He asked the only other student around. Luckily, the student he asked was taking a course in newborn care and knew exactly what to do.

She passed her finger through the infant’s mouth to be sure her airway was clear, but the infant was turning blue. She was freezing. The student, 21-year-old Esther Warrenmacher immediately unwrapped the newborn from the dirty towels and held her to her chest to warm her.

“Go get help!” She told the student.

Jillian was adopted by Sam and Helene Sobol who were excited to add a little girl into their family. They had previously adopted a boy and were overjoyed when they were able to take little Jillian home.

She was energetic and rambunctious, keeping Sam and Helene on their toes for many years to come.

She went on to graduate from that same college, 30 years later. She was able to get in touch with her birth parents, and her birth father even attended her graduation ceremony. She plans to continue working and living in San Francisco, the city she was born in, with the support of her loving family!

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