She Grabbed Her Camera When Her Newborn Started To Cry. The Reason Why Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Who needs a baby monitor when you have this sweetheart looking after your newborn? Meet Bella, an adorable boxer who is the perfect sitter for Malina. They are best friends and sleep in the same room. Most of the time, Bella spends her time resting under the crib of Malina and makes sure everything is alright. If the baby is upset, the lovely boxer alerts her parents to check on the little one. She is a vigilant guard dog and totally takes her job of watching over the newborn seriously!

According to the owners, in the beginning, they were concerned and unsure as to how the dog would react to the latest addition in the family. Will Bella be jealous? Protective? Turns out, she has placed it upon herself to guard Malina. As a result, Bella is rewarded with far more baby snacks than necessary. Watch this video and enjoy the cuteness of this baby and boxer pair.

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