She Grabbed Dead Leaves From The Yard And Created A MAGICAL Decoration For Fall!

Neighborhood kids get excited when the leaves start falling because they know those extra “raking leaves” chores mean extra cash, but not everyone is happy about the changing seasons. While many of us look at the leaves littering our yards and driveways with disdain, one crafter found the hidden beauty in the fallen leaves! She grabbed the largest, most colorful leaves that she could find, and got to work!

Using a white pen (or a silver marker, or a paint pen…whatever you happen to have, really!) she decided on a seasonal greeting and drew one large letter on each leaf. She filled them in, making them bold and elegant.
11-6a9Then, she looped and knotted a strand of twine around each leaf, making sure to leave a few inches between each one. If they are too close together, guests may not be able to read the message.11-6a10Hanging proudly across her mantle, the word “Grateful” is displayed on gorgeous leaves in a beautiful font! She added two leaves to either side with decorative markings, and you can choose what designs those are to better fit your own decor!11-6a11This project is fast, easy, and best of all…it’s free! Collect those leaves cluttering your driveway and put them to good use. Have the kids or grandchildren sit around the kitchen table and make leaf-garland of their own and display it proudly around the house! This festive fall decoration is unique, and it’s so quick, she claims that you could have it done in just TEN minutes! See more details here!

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