She Grabbed A Stencil And A Crayon And Began Tracing. The End Result Is GORGEOUS!

She didn’t mean for the project to turn out the way it did. In fact, this was only supposed to be “Step 1.” Like many things in life, they end up “half-done” or “I’ll just finish this later…” but for once, a half-completed project ended up being one of the coolest things that she could have pulled off!8.23a1

It all started out with this little stencil. The idea was to end up with a hand-painted design on a plain wall. She printed out a stencil, transferred it to a hard piece of cardboard, and began to trace the outline onto her wall with a white crayon. Next, she was going to use white paint and a small paint brush to trace the lines with a steady hand…you’ll see what happened.8.23a2

The project ended up taking a long time. When you scroll through the pictures of someone else’s project, you see the work from start to finish, and it takes about 10 seconds to see how nice it turned out. But tracing this many little cut-outs took hours, and it was a lesson in patience.

It’s not like she could just stop halfway, either.8.23a3

So, she finished tracing everything with a crayon…but when she stepped back, she realized that it was quirky and impressive. It had looked strange when she first started, and a few of them were uneven and messy, but an entire wall full of the outlines was too cool to pass up.8.23a4

She decided not to paint over it, and after several months, the crayon never smudged off or faded. She loves it, we love it, everybody wins! Would you do this, or would you just use a quick stencil and roller brush instead?


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