She Got This Letter In The Mail Inviting Her To Attend Her Own Cat’s Wedding

When Ashley Shields went to check her mailbox, the last thing she expected was to find a wedding invitation from her own cat. Written by a neighborhood child, the invitation explained that her cat, Pedro, would be marrying his feline love, Silver on Sunday afternoon.

The invitation also told her that she didn’t have to attend…but who wouldn’t?! Her cat had an entire life that she didn’t even know about! Brady, the neighbor child, had noticed that the two cats enjoyed spending time together outside. They would sun themselves together, chase squirrels together, and hang about the neighborhood nearly every time they were let out to explore. After realizing that the cats were not going to separate anytime soon, Brady decided that it was about time for a wedding. Everyone pitched in to make it as special as possible.Silver and Pedro were convinced to stay near the “altar” with their favorite treats, and they kindly sat for the entire ceremony. Shields documented her cat’s wedding and shared the pictures with her friends. It was too hilarious to keep to herself! Not only had she not known about her cat’s secret love affair, he hadn’t even told about his engagement! The story made cat owners laugh – it was exactly the kind of thing a cat would pull!

Congratulations to the happy cat couple!

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