She Got Rid Of LAYERS Of Rust By Using ONE Ingredient! No More Expensive Cleaners For Her!

It all started when she found this rusted horseshoe in the yard. She wanted to keep it, but it was covered in too much rust. She had been trying out different recipes for removing rust and finally stumbled across the perfect one…she decided to clean up her tools and the horseshoe all at once!She didn’t want to use harmful chemicals or spend a fortune on rust-removing products. Instead she took out her bag of citric acid (which she usually used for canning) and mixed 1/3 cup of the powdered citric acid into 1 gallon of hot water. Once it was dissolved, she tossed in her tool and the horseshoe…and let the soak for an entire day! She scrubbed away the particles and was left with rust-free tools! To prevent this from happening again, she suggests coating them with a lacquer or cooking oil spray to keep the rust away!What do you think of her method? The objects don’t even look the same after this crazy treatment, and many people are excited to have learned about it! Those tools will be free of rust and grime in no time at all! You can find more details on her method here.

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