She Got Pulled Over On Her Way To An Interview…But Was Stunned When The Officer Asks Her To Step Out.

While on her way to an interview, Chy-Niece Thacker saw police lights in her rear-view mirror. She  wasn’t sure why she was being pulled over and waited to hear what the officer was going to say. She started pulling out her license and paperwork, already dreading the ticket she was surely going to receive when Officer Jenkins completely changes her entire day.

You don’t need to do that,” he tells her as she tries to gather her documents. “I just wanted to let you know that your brake lights are out.”

Thacker was stunned and immediately got upset. She’d just had them fixed less than a month earlier when Firestone, one of the auto mechanic shops in her area, tried to charge her $600 just to check the wiring!

Officer Jenkins couldn’t hold back his disbelief and asked her to pop the hood and step out of the vehicle.
He gets on his knees and checks the wiring for her, fiddles around under the hood, and checks the wiring through the trunk of her car for free!

He wanted to keep her safe and told her what she needed to do in order to get them all working again.

Many people were eager to share the story of an officer who cared about safety instead of tickets and praised the officer for his dedication to his community!

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