She Got Pregnant At 36 Unexpectedly, But 5 Years Later Proved That She Would Do It All Again In A Heartbeat!

Raising a family can be tough! Just when you think that you’re finished with one thing…life hurls a curve ball your way! Having the right attitude can go a long way to making life bearable. Taking every event as it comes and deciding how to react to it can make or break a memory. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself about to have a child when you were almost finished raising the first set? This mother of two thought she was finished raising “kids” and finally able to move on to the “teenagers,” a feat impressive on its own when she got shocking news that would change the rest of her life.  


If she wasn’t in love with her son already, she certainly was now! If you had asked her five years ago, she probably would have said that she was excited to be near the “finish line” with her two girls, not expecting to start all over with a brand new baby! But the thing about babies is that they give us hope for the future. Even thought she was starting a new journey at the end of her first one, she could always find the silver lining. Her precious son proved to be the perfect addition to her life, and his sweet words just confirmed every doubt that she may have ever had!

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