She Got A Last-Minute Text From Her Uber Driver Asking If THIS Was Alright!

Catching an Uber is a commonplace way to get around nowadays, and one woman from Georgia is no stranger to grabbing a ride with the app on her phone.

Sometimes, the drivers are talkative and want to give life advice. Sometimes, they just make small talk to pass the time, and others they don’t say much at all. This time, she received a text message just before being picked up that made her a little confused.

Hello! This is your Uber driver. I just wanted to let you know that I have my service dog with me.” They wrote.

When her driver arrived…so did the service dog!

Bullet the Pomsky (Pomeranian/Husky mix) greeted her with a curious sniff but wasn’t able to say hello…partially because he is a dog and doesn’t speak English, but mostly because Bullet was on the job protecting his human!

The curious pup had a good time greeting the different people getting into his human’s car, but sat forward to do his job and keep his human safe and healthy! While it was a shame that she couldn’t pet Bullet to say hello, she could take his picture! What a good boy!

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