She Glues Pillow Stuffing To A Lantern…When The Lights Go Out?! It’s Pure MAGIC!!

Are you looking for a fun DIY for the holidays, your kid’s room, or just that empty space in your apartment? Instead of a lamp or an expensive piece of furniture, add a cool piece of art that won’t get in the way – you can hang it from the ceiling! This is the funnest thing I have come across in the DIY world this month and I just HAD to share it! It’s easy to make and you can finish it in an afternoon! You can customize this with different lights, sizes, and you can even turn the entire thing into a lamp instead of a rain cloud. It’s totally up to you!

The first thing you will need are lanterns. This cloud will look more realistic if you can get your hands on different sizes, but a single fluffy cloud hanging in the corner can be just as sweet! Using lanterns is the best way to do this because they are made to withstand the heat of a light bulb and will be easier to light since most lanterns come with the sockets built in.


In order to assemble your masterpiece, you will need Christmas lights – LEDs are recommended – or light bulbs, clear fishing wire to string your clouds up, a dowel rod (or a sturdy stick), hot glue, and a glue gun.


You will also need stuffing or some kind of “fluff.” At most craft stores, you can find pillow stuffing or stuffing for toys. I find that pillow stuffing is always easier to work with because it will not break apart as easily as the stuffing you might buy for a toy, so be sure to check how your fluff reacts when you touch it.


Expand your lantern and glue the stuffing down in clumps. Clouds are not symmetrical, so try not to attach these pieces of fluff in any sort of pattern. If there is even a hint of a pattern, or if the stuffing is pressed too closely to the spherical shape, your cloud will look like a puffy ball and not an actual cloud. Be generous with this stuffing! The fluffier, the better!!


If you are going to hang your cloud from the ceiling, screw a hook into the ceiling and hang your dowel rod with a piece of looped and secured clear fishing line. I would recommend securing this tightly and adding even taping it down to keep the string from sliding accidentally. If this is in a child’s room, you don’t want it to come crashing down when those little hands get too curious and start pulling on anything they can reach. I would also recommend painting your dowel rod in the same shade as the ceiling or walls to help it blend in to the background. Keep that focus on the cloud!


Attach the fishing wire to your lanterns and secure them to the dowel rod. You will need a ladder and possibly a friend to help with this part, but hanging them while the rod is attached to the ceiling will help you to decide where each cloud puff should be placed.


Now it’s time to turn off the lights and admire your handiwork! I love this idea for a magical addition to any kid’s room or baby shower! (Get it? Baby “shower?”) It’s dainty, cute, and the twinkle lights really help to create a magical illusion!


What do you think of this DIY? I love the whimsical feel that this floating cloud creates! I want to make a larger one to put up in the corner of my son’s room. He will love this so much! Although it does make me wonder how tough this is to clean…

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