She Gets Stuck Behind An Old Woman Pay For Groceries With CHANGE! Her Frustration Builds Until She Noticed Her Daughter Doing THIS!

Have you ever been in a rush? Of course you have! When you go to the store, you look at the clock and think, “it’ll only take me 10 minutes to drive there, a couple of minutes to get what I need and check out…I should be home in 20 minutes.” That’s unreasonable, but the time that we set aside somehow sticks in our brain and can set the mood for the rest of the trip. Driving actually took 15 minutes. Parking took another 5. They re-arranged the store again, so now it’s been 30 minutes. There’s a huge line at check-out…oh goodness, is that woman writing out a CHECK?!

That’s how this woman felt…for all of 30 seconds.


My daughter was…witness [sic] kindness and patience and being taught this valuable lesson be a complete stranger.”1.14c2

This woman learned a valuable lesson that day. She could have stayed angry. She could have huffed and rolled her eyes. She could have said something that she might later regret…but instead, she took a breath and realized that none of it was about her. This story is great. The employee could have been in a bad mood, the old woman could have been rude, and she could have made the situation worse in any number of ways. It’s important to recognize these moments when they happen – and appreciate the beauty.

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