She Gets Caught Stealing And The Judge Gives Her A Light Sentence…Until Her Husband Said THIS!!

Preventing theft in our society is difficult to do. For some reason, people think it is perfectly fine to take something from someone else. It’s sad, but it happens too many times to count every day. Stores have placed a lot of security measures in order to try and stop this from happening, from electronic tags that can only be removed with a special machine, to security sensors that alert the entire store when someone takes something without paying for it. Even with all of those measures, it just isn’t enough to deter people, and we end up with stories like THIS!


Why on Earth would he out his own wife like that? Maybe he was tired of her thieving habits, or maybe he just wanted the house to himself for a while. Who knows? All I know is that he probably should have covered for her…they are married, after all! Is this a gray area for marriage? Hey, if my husband was facing jail time, there is no way I would try to make that longer by interfering with a judge’s ruling! Yikes! They should probably see a marriage counselor after this…

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