She Gave Her Grandmother This Drawing Of Her “Dream Dress.” Grandma MADE It For Her!

Like most kids, his daughter loved to use her imagination. When she had an idea for a pretty dress, she decided to draw it out. It had ruffles, boys, hearts, flowers, and even a double-layered skirt! She had a vision, and when she showed it to her grandmother, the woman was impressed. Grandma knew how to sew and decided to take on the project as a special gift for her granddaughter. Incredibly, the project didn’t take very long at all!

Grandma was able to recreate the girl’s vision, and once dad posted this picture of the results online, it quickly went viral!Using pinks, blues, and purples, grandma took the idea and stayed as true to the original idea as possible (adding a few more ruffles, ribbons, and bows, as needed!) and even created a few accessories!

A ruffled hair clip and a floor-length cape gave her every appearance of a princess, and the girl was ecstatic!
People were so impressed with grandma’s work, they think she should open up her own business! Hopefully, her work inspires others to embrace the ideas and visions of their young children. The drawing could have simply been a doodle, something to pass the time, get crumpled in a backpack, and forgotten within a few days…

But grandma saw the potential and brought the doodle to life, giving it more than an “oh, that’s nice, dear” and instead fulfilling her granddaughter’s dream. All it really cost was a few dollars and some spare time over the weekend. Way to go, grandma!

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