She Found This Ring In The Middle Of The Sidewalk. Its Story Is Incredible!

Hurricane Irma ripped its way across the Florida coastline, causing upheaval and flooding for residents in ways that hadn’t imagined…but one woman discovered a silver lining in the aftermath of the storm in a way she never expected!

The Key Largo woman had been out helping to clean up her neighborhood and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the process. After a long day of cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm, she noticed something reflecting light from the pavement. Across the street from her house, an old wedding ring was lying on the ground. It was a little worse for wear, but the initials inscribed on the inside were still perfectly legible…and she was almost positive that she recognized them!She took out her phone and decided to call her neighbor. He had evacuated to Georgia, but his initials matched the ring’s, and it had been found on the street outside of his property.

He admitted to having lost his wedding ring 8 years before!

After nearly 8 feet of water gushed through the area, she was stunned.

What are the chances…sitting right in broad daylight still on his property.”

The incredible story was shared on Facebook, and people were amazed! After so much rain and flooding, it was some sort of miracle that it hadn’t been washed away into the ocean!

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