She Found This Crazy Styrofoam Ball From A Leftover Project. She Transformed It Into Something Stunning!

This thing looks insane, but while most of us would toss it directly into the garbage, one woman had an artistic vision that she just couldn’t get out of her head. She took a picture of the “before” sate of this monstrosity before she began. It’s pretty scary, but don’t worry, it turns into something that any of us would pay good money for.
8.31a11She started by removing the toothpicks and cutting out 4in. x 4in. squares of burlap. She grabbed a box of straight pins and got to work! (She doesn’t remember how many squares exactly, but a roll of wide burlap ribbon should do the trick!)8.31a13Using a clever folding technique, she tucked in the sides of each square and folded them over each other to create a little “puff.” The straight pin is tucked into the bottom of each fold and are held tight by the styrofoam ball. You shouldn’t be able to see them once you’re finished.8.31a14Continue with this method over the entire surface of the ball! Try to attach a few to the underside that sit in the opposite direction of the rest. You don’t want guests to be able to see the pins! If this sits on a mantel, consider tying a ribbon just under the ball to hide the underside.8.31a15She added moss to hide the base of the project, but you can add anything at all! Make these fit each holiday or choose a color that fits the decor in your home! Love it, or hate it? See more details here.


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